Peeks Adventure Wear LLC

Innovation, Function and Fit

Peeks Adventure Wear is focused on bring innovative, functional apparel and gear to the consumer at the best possible price.  These products are tested, and used in the environment they are intended to ensure they meet their intended use.

Have you ever said "This would be perfect if only it had.....", or "I love the way this fits but the pockets are too small", or "Why is this so expensive?  Nearly same thing for men is 20% less?".  Have you ever noticed that clothes for size 4 women fit perfectly and why that same piece of clothing in a size 12 fits poorly.   

We know everyone is different and we do not expect to fit every body type.  However we do our best to adjust our sizing to ensure we fit as many body types as possible in every size.    Unlike other brands that use one size model and the use an algorithm to scale the to other sizes, we get samples in all sizes and have multiple models with different body types  try on our samples and give feedback prior to production. 

There are many areas that could be targeted initially, but we decided to take on the one that seems to most under represented and the most difficult to overcome,  Women's Outdoor Apparel.  Specifically, we are placing focus on woman's climbing and hiking pants and shorts. 

Peeks is listening, and working to answer these issues with innovation, function and fit. 

Environment:  Peeks Adventure Wear is working with multiple partners and when possible we use suppliers that use sustainable and re-cycled materials in their products.  

Giving back:  Peeks Adventure Wear is committed to giving back to the communities that support us.  Because there are so many worth while causes  I have decide that each quarter a non-profit will be chosen to receive a donation based on revenue generation.  At the beginning of the quarter the non-profit will be contacted to let them know they have been chosen and we will advertise that non-profit on here and in our other media.   

If you have a special cause that you would like to benefit, please let us know and we will reach and coordinate that effort with you and the non-profit.  

Innovation, Function and Fit

Innovation:  Creating innovative common sense solutions that take into account the activity being pursued.  Then those items are used and evaluated for ergonomics and durability.  Recommendations are recorded and changes are incorporated prior to production.

Function:  Understanding how the product is used is essential to creating gear that usable and efficient.  

Fit:  Understanding that there are multiple body types in each size.  Peeks gets samples of apparel in each size that is evaluated by multiple models of that size to determine changes and adjustment are needed to to ensure the best possible fit across the population.