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Hector  - Approach Backpack

"I love this pack! There are so many climbing-centric features that really stand out. This is not a hiking, or backpacking pack, but a crag bag. This is meant for going to the crag, and keeping all your gear in order. The gear loops on the inside really keep your hardware like quickdraws, biners, anchors, or nuts and cams secure and out of the way.  The size of the pack is just right as well. You can fit everything you need for a day out with no issues. The fact that you can fit your rope inside the bag with everything is nice, though a 70 can be a squeeze. I also like the additional gear loop on the waist belt. It's not often that I use it, but it comes in handy when you want it. There's also the adjustability of the pack. The shoulder, hip and chest straps can all be adjusted to fit you. Also, if you get the bag with the rope tarp, the tarp is great. It's large which is nice for the flexibility, and the way you can roll it up with the rope is nice and tidy."

Phillip W.

"These are thick and durable, perfect for hiking, climbing, bouldering and just being comfortable outdoors. In AZ our feet tend to get hot in the summer, with these socks I have had much better foot health in those hot months."


"I absolutely love these pants! They are stretchy, super durable, and extremely comfortable. I wear these all summer long. From hiking the backcountry where shrubs can be hell on the legs, these protect very well. The best part for me is the flexibility. You get a proper fit comfort with a little stretch built in when you need it. "

James L.

Hector  - Approach Backpack

"Having used several different backpacks over the last 25 plus years for several
different outdoors activities I have a relatively high expectation for this core piece
of personal gear. I started using a Peeks backpack almost a year ago and I am
extremely pleased with the pack in general, with several design characteristics such
as the internal gear loops, over-sized water bottle pockets, easy access through both
the top as well as front, easy adjustments, and comfort even when heavily loaded
are all noteworthy. The packs are made out of high quality materials, and the
zippers are extremely heavy duty. I also think the rope bag deserves mentioning due
to the high quality and unique design which allows even a 70m rope to be wrapped
tightly and moved from climb to climb without concerns regarding having to
constantly flake it."

Steve S. "Trail-runner"